25 March 2011

The Bring Me Trouble Video

This project have as estimated been very complex and timeconsuming. What makes it complicated is the animations of people. I have never been good at drawing people, mostly because I prefer to draw other stuff than people so I never got myself to develope it to the better

It was supposed to include a whole bunch of characters. The idea with the video "Animate Shane Dawson or who, You decide" was a preparation to get the extra characters needed. Although I felt the animation part is way too difficult to do so the final video will end up with only the two main characters

I include the best image I made of the so called "Troublemaker". The woman looks friendly and nice in this apperance but is supposed to make some trouble in the video. The progress in building up these animations is going very very slowly....

This has been a rough learning experience. Its useful in your proffession developement to try undiscovered paths and you get to learn how and where you want to proceed

The channel got its update and the transfer of the logotype from Photoshop to Flash is completed today

Here is the final video as it turned out after all work with it

12 March 2011

Busy Busy

Have three videos to produce the next coming up week. Two music videos and one stop motion video. One music video is "Bring Me Trouble" that I need to finish once and for all. The other is a very local film for finish the film production course. Have a lot of future projects coming up and will hopefully put a more clear structure of my channel. Next up is an update of the logotype. I need to swop it from Photoshop to Flash. More development of green screen to do too