20 February 2011

The Black Cat

My black cat is a very sensitive animal. Hard to make good videos with her but I like to share videos with her anyway. Much work ahead. Many videos is in plan. I think I have to line them up by now and sort them to keep my creative brain clear and focused on producing them

4 February 2011

Reflections on famous YouTubers

After my video "Animate Shane Dawson or who..." I got quite some thoughts about what the heck I was just uploading. First Im not a fan of Shane Dawson and will never be. Second I might be interpreted as wanting to be famous like him which I certainly dont want. And third, I dont feel up feeding attention out of the names of superstars. This Is Not Yoz, who I call me!
Anyway, the video is out and the project is running and I have said to myself Im fullfilling it as I care for the musicians to give them a good video

The video also gave me a very positive surprise. The one who was over all most popular to vote on to be seen as animated was actually me. That gave me a good feeling that my viewers after all have more interest in Yoz rather than celebrities. That gives me an indication as a kind of appreciation towards me who is behind the videos of YOZcreative

Btw, today my teacher in filmproduction gave me two instant visible thumbs up for my video called "Who Am I" the one minute story about myself without showing myself. A perfect assignment for invisible Yoz!